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Bezaleel Solutions is a result oriented firm which specialises in delivering a customer friendly solution from a complex process in existing businesses and offering solutions to new start-up businesses.

Our service ranges from Business Plan Writing, Bespoke Software Development, Technology Research & Development and General Business Support.

Our mission is to support client organisations to meet their goals, aims and objective with ease.

We at Bezaleel are also committed to designing of our own products and marketing of solutions to meet the social needs of many countries at large.

We are a good team player, offering good customer service and a good problem solver using both logic and intuition to come up with solutions.

We are confident and have a positive yet realistic view about any project assigned. We are a good communicator as we communicate in a clear and concise way with all our clients’.

Finally, we are highly motivated and passionate about the project we handle with great vigour and energy.

We have a good track record and positive testimonials from clients’. We are a member of notable professional organisation in the United Kingdom and offshore.

To achieve quality results you have to define it.

At Bezaleel Solutions:

  • We set clear expectations.
  • We collect and analyse data.
  • We invest in our strength on deliverables.
  • We have a good team player of best performers.
  • We involve all our project unit team in brainstorming sessions to improve the things that are unsatisfactory.
  • Finally we celebrate victories on all our completed projects.

Our Team

Our people have industry experience as well as the global market feel with excellent team work ability to suite our clients’ needs.

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Our Approach

Our approach is motivated with an assurance to give measurable and sustainable benefits to our clients in offering any of our services.

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Quick Info Centre

We provide you with the latest and the most valuable information for your business or the required project you intend to carry out.

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Deadline Assistant

If you have a strict deadline on any of your projects relating to any of our services, we at Bezaleel Solutions can help achieve your aim.

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Our Specialty

Business Plan Writting

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Research & Development

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Software Development

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General Business Advice

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You Should Know About Bezaleel Solutions

Product Video

You Should Know About Business

Who Needs a Business Plan

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Opportunities in Technology Research & Development

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Why You Need a Good Online Presence

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Benefits of a Business Development Consultant to Your firm

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Latest News

Membership Management System(MMS)

Bezaleel Creche Manager (BCM)

Bezaleel Solutions plans to launch a new software application before the end of 2017 targeted at churches,

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Client Testimonials

…Bezaleel Solutions brought fresh air to a struggling system with a tremendous dynamic approach to create the loving drive we now experience in our business, and surely they are a much needed partner

Jerkiz Caribbean Cuisine LTD

Jerkiz Caribbean Cuisine LTDMD

…Waoh! These guys delivered our fashion web platform with so much simplicity yet captivating, I am indeed flabbergasted by the quality job and also thankful for the volume of information received for our business plan document prepared by this genius company

Ibem Collections LTD

Ibem Collections LTDCEO

“…Bezaleel Solutions staffs have a fabulous work ethic, huge drive, and a positive desire to deliver optimum business performance… They are one of the good guys”

JEJ Engineering LTD

JEJ Engineering LTDChairman/CEO

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