Kickstart Scheme at Bezaleel Solutions Ltd

Bezaleel Solutions Ltd are proud to be a part of the Department for Work and Pensions Kickstart scheme, which is designed to help 16–24-yearolds get a foot on the employment ladder during these unprecedented times.

Bezaleel Solutions Kickstart logo

We at Bezaleel Solutions are supporting the Kickstart scheme by having already onboarded 9 excellent graduates.

At BSL, we do our best to ensure that the graduates gain more from this scheme than just employment experience. We provide a range of benefits such as training modules on Web Development, personal development sessions with specifically assigned mentor and weekly testing findings presentation where the graduates will present their test results on the assigned SAAS project, and they also use the forum to chat and build relationships.

The aim of all this is to provide the graduates with a well-rounded experience. So, regardless of whether their employment with BSL continues after this six-month scheme, they will be more experienced and more employable as a result.

Our Director has stated that he aims to support the Kickstart scheme by providing “innovative and enthusiastic” graduates, who had either been made redundant or who were looking for a new challenge, the chance to upskill themselves so that they are ready for industry opportunities. They gain 6 months experience and a solid reference letter, with the possibility of continuing with BSL after their 6 months.

We have put together some of their pictures and video of their last day at Bezaleel Solutions, seat back and relax to enjoy viewing the collections.