Freedom of Information Act 2000

The Freedom of Information Act 2000, commonly referred to as "The Act," is a legislation that promotes transparency and accountability within the public sector. It provides individuals and organisations with the right to access information held by public authorities, including government departments, local councils, and other public bodies.

Bezaleel Solutions, as a private entity, is not directly subject to The Act. However, if Bezaleel Solutions works in collaboration or provides services to public authorities or government entities, there may be instances where The Act could indirectly apply to certain information held by Bezaleel Solutions on behalf of those public bodies.

It is important for Bezaleel Solutions to understand its obligations and responsibilities regarding the handling of information obtained from or on behalf of public authorities. Bezaleel Solutions should adhere to the principles of openness, transparency, and accountability in its dealings with such entities.

Although Bezaleel Solutions is not directly bound by The Act, it is encouraged to adopt practices that align with its spirit. By proactively providing information, responding to requests promptly and efficiently, and maintaining good governance practices, Bezaleel Solutions can contribute to the principles of transparency and accountability in the public domain.

Bezaleel Solutions should also ensure that it complies with relevant data protection laws, safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of any personal or sensitive information it handles. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations will enable Bezaleel Solutions to foster trust and maintain strong relationships with public authorities, clients, and the wider community.